In September we were on our way with guests through the bright, colorful Indian Summer autumn landscapes. We traveled to the Arctic Circle, over the Dempster, the Top of the World and the Alaska Highway. Photographed, hiked and enjoyed the wilderness and cabin life around Kluane National Park. At the salmon river we photographed the mother bear with her playful three cubs. We gazed at the northern lights and the sea of stars during the cool, clear nights. Moose, elks, eagle and coyotes we have seen as well. Good conversations and a relaxed get-together at the campfire were an enrichment for us.

“We would like to thank all our guests for everything you contributed to the success of the tour. It was a wonderful journey with you!”

Meanwhile all leaves have fallen in the wind and we had the first snow all the way down to the valley. The bears are still on their way, the northern lights are active, the memories awake. Winter is coming soon in Yukon!

A time full of wonderful lighting conditions

Out there in the wilderness with Simone Buchmüller/Prisma Photography, Florian and Daniel Daroc/ Video & Drone Photography: “We shook with joy and energy, were photographing and filming until late at night in the moonlight or at the first light of dawn. Laughter wasn’t held back either! We have reached our goals and the program for the new winter photo trip has taken concrete form. Below the gallery you find the newest two videos, created by the team with stunning footage, all captured in February 2018. If you are interested in joining a tour go to “Yukon-Winter Magic Photography Tour”to find more details.
With Simone Buchmüller as a partner (responsible for the support in the field and for leading the post-processing workshops) we have a photo tour/workshop with superlatives to offer. We are looking forward to the teamwork with Simone!


November 2017

We enjoy the eagle liveliness in the beautiful sunshine in front of a gigantic mountain landscape. Clawing each other in the air, the eagle rivals swoop among themselves in the fight for the salmon. In the golden morning light we already have several time lapse sessions behind us. The eagles are awake and active, we enjoy watching their flight and fights, continued for days. It is an experience that we will never forget. The thousands of photos we bring home will keep us busy. While sorting them out and working on the pictures we will remember the beautiful time out there. For now we are still looking forward to white snowy days in the quiet wilderness and hope for more magnificent northern lights.

Silke Hamann, Barbara and Joerg Benkelberg

All photos in this report by Beat Glanzmann (Nikon cameras D4S, D850 Nikkor 500/4, 600/4)

September Arctic Circle and Kluane National Park

The fall colours were amazing this year like always, just a blast! The guests were impressed with the northern lights displays and made great pictures of the aurora borealis. The dancing lights kept us up a couple of nights for several hours. We could view wildlife and take photos of grizzly bears close to the arctic circle and on a salmon stream near Kluane National Park.

Yukon larger than life!

Indian Summer September 2017

There was a lot of northern lights activity this fall. Our guests could capture many pictures of the dancing lights. One night Beat could even take an amazing time lapse of the corona right above, like never before.

All photographs taken by Beat Glanzmann